Polygon Mesh Processing Library
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The Polygon Mesh Processing Library is a modern C++ open-source library for processing and visualizing polygon surface meshes. Its main features are:

  • An efficient and easy-to-use mesh data structure
  • Standard algorithms such as decimation, remeshing, subdivision, or smoothing
  • Ready-to-use visualization tools
  • Seamless cross-compilation to JavaScript (demo)

Get Started

Clone the repository:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/pmp-library/pmp-library.git

Configure and build:

cd pmp-library && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

Run the mesh processing app:

./mpview ../external/pmp-data/off/bunny.off

Build your own tool:

#include <pmp/SurfaceMesh.h>
int main(void)
// .. do awesome things with your mesh
A halfedge data structure for polygonal meshes.
Definition: SurfaceMesh.h:194
void read(SurfaceMesh &mesh, const std::filesystem::path &file)
Read into mesh from file.
Definition: io.cpp:17
void write(const SurfaceMesh &mesh, const std::filesystem::path &file, const IOFlags &flags)
Write mesh to file controlled by flags.
Definition: io.cpp:38


Contributions to PMP are welcome. See the contributing section of the user guide.


If you are using PMP for research projects, please acknowledge its use by referencing

title = {The Polygon Mesh Processing Library},
author = {Daniel Sieger and Mario Botsch},
note = {http://www.pmp-library.org},
year = {2019},

We acknowledge that PMP evolved from our previous work on Surface_mesh and OpenMesh.


PMP is provided under a simple and flexible MIT-style license allowing for both open-source and commercial usage.