pmp-library  1.2.1
Shader Member List

This is the complete list of members for Shader, including all inherited members.

bind_attribute(const char *name, GLuint index)Shader
is_valid() constShaderinline
load(const char *vfile, const char *ffile, const char *gfile=nullptr, const char *tcfile=nullptr, const char *tefile=nullptr)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, float value)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, int value)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, const vec3 &vec)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, const vec4 &vec)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, const mat3 &mat)Shader
set_uniform(const char *name, const mat4 &mat)Shader
source(const char *vshader, const char *fshader)Shader