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The Polygon Mesh Processing Library
SurfaceFairing Class Reference

A class for implicitly fairing a surface mesh. More...

#include <pmp/algorithms/SurfaceFairing.h>

Public Member Functions

 SurfaceFairing (SurfaceMesh &mesh)
 Construct with mesh to be processed.
void minimize_area ()
 minimize surface area (class SurfaceFairing::fair(1))
void minimize_curvature ()
 minimize surface curvature (class SurfaceFairing::fair(2))
void fair (unsigned int k=2)
 compute surface by solving k-harmonic equation More...

Detailed Description

See also [6] .

Member Function Documentation

◆ fair()

void fair ( unsigned int  k = 2)
SolverExceptionin case of failure to solve the linear system
InvalidInputExceptionin case of missing boundary constraints