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The Polygon Mesh Processing Library
SurfaceSimplification Class Reference

Surface mesh simplification based on approximation error and fairness criteria. More...

#include <pmp/algorithms/SurfaceSimplification.h>

Public Member Functions

 SurfaceSimplification (SurfaceMesh &mesh)
 Construct with mesh to be simplified. More...
 ~SurfaceSimplification ()
void initialize (Scalar aspect_ratio=0.0, Scalar edge_length=0.0, unsigned int max_valence=0, Scalar normal_deviation=0.0, Scalar hausdorff_error=0.0)
 Initialize with given parameters.
void simplify (unsigned int n_vertices)
 Simplify mesh to n_vertices.

Detailed Description

Performs incremental greedy mesh simplification based on halfedge collapses. See [12] and [9] for details.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SurfaceSimplification()

Input mesh needs to be a pure triangle mesh.
InvalidInputExceptionif the input precondition is violated.