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Polygon Mesh Processing Library
BoundingBox Class Reference

Simple class for representing a bounding box.

#include <pmp/BoundingBox.h>

Public Member Functions

 BoundingBox ()
 Construct infinite/invalid bounding box.
 BoundingBox (const Point &min, const Point &max)
 Construct from min and max points.
BoundingBoxoperator+= (const Point &p)
 Add point to the bounding box.
BoundingBoxoperator+= (const BoundingBox &bb)
 Add two bounding boxes.
Pointmin ()
 Get min point.
Pointmax ()
 Get max point.
Point center () const
 Get center point.
bool is_empty () const
 Indicate if the bounding box is empty.
Scalar size () const
 Get the size of the bounding box.